Requirements for Passing:

  •      Course participation and skills practice. 
  •      Complete all practice sessions
  •      Pass skills testing for certification 
  •      Written testing with a minimum passing score of 80%​​

​Course Overview:

  • Certification: 2 years from course date
  • Instructor-to-Student Class Ration: 1:12
  • Course Duration: 1-1 1/2 hrs

The Emergency Oxygen Administration course will define emergency oxygen, and explain when emergency oxygen is recommended, how to assemble and store emergency oxygen, how to deliver oxygen, and oxygen safety. 

The Emergency Oxygen Administration course is designed to give an overview of the safe and effective administration of supplemental oxygen during an emergency. The course can be taught as a stand-alone course or as a component of CPR and AED for Professional Rescuers or Advanced First Aid courses. 

Emergency Oxygen Administration Course -

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Major topics:

  • Emergency oxygen defined
  • Types and uses of oxygen equipment
  • Oxygen delivery devices and how to use them
  • General guidelines for use of emergency oxygen
  • Risks associated oxygen delivery
  • Oxygen safety and storage