911 Safety Services is a premier training center with a strong commitment towards quality and Individual attention to make the community, home and work environment safer by training individuals how to safely recognize and respond to emergencies to save a life! As a provider of American Heart Association (AHA), American Safety Health Institute & Medic First Aid, National Safety Council (NSC), and EMS Safety Services, Inc. We offer a full-line of courses to meet your training needs at exceptional prices on all our programs and products.    

​911 Safety Services has had the privilege of serving clients in both the public and private sectors.




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  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Hospitals and HMOs
  • Churches
  • Medical and Professional Offices 
  • Child care providers
  • Senior Community providers
  • Factories and large Industry    
  • Government agencies
  • Community Centers
  • Construction companies
  • ROP Regional Occupational Programs     
  • and much, much more!