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Major topics:

  • Emergency oxygen defined
  • Types and uses of oxygen equipment
  • Oxygen delivery devices and how to use them
  • General guidelines for use of emergency oxygen
  • Risks associated oxygen delivery
  • Oxygen safety and storage

Requirements for Passing:

  •      Course participation and skills practice. 
  •      Complete all practice sessions
  •      Pass skills testing for certification 
  •      Written testing with a minimum passing score of 80%​​

​Course Overview:

  • Certification: 2 years from course date
  • Instructor-to-Student Class Ration: 1:12
  • Course Duration: 1-1 1/2 hrs

The Emergency Oxygen Administration course is designed to give an overview of the safe and effective administration of supplemental oxygen during an emergency. The course can be taught as a stand-alone course or as a component of CPR and AED for Professional Rescuers or Advanced First Aid courses. 

Emergency Oxygen Administration Course -

The Emergency Oxygen Administration course will define emergency oxygen, and explain when emergency oxygen is recommended, how to assemble and store emergency oxygen, how to deliver oxygen, and oxygen safety.