• Fortune 500 companies
  • Hospitals and HMOs
  • Churches
  • Medical and Professional Offices 
  • Child care providers
  • Senior Community providers
  • Factories and large Industry    
  • Government agencies
  • Community Centers
  • Construction companies
  • ROP Regional Occupational Programs     
  • and much, much more!  


911 Safety Services is a premier training center with a strong commitment towards quality and Individual attention to make the community, home and work environment safer by training individuals how to safely recognize and respond to emergencies to save a life! As a provider of American Heart Association (AHA), American Safety Health Institute & Medic First Aid, National Safety Council (NSC), and EMS Safety Services, Inc. We offer a full-line of courses to meet your training needs at exceptional prices on all our programs and products.    

911 Safety Services has had the privilege of serving clients in both the public and private sectors.

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